Parrishill Standard Poodles  
Silver pups are due early July and they will be able to go to homes around Labor Day. Zena and Devon are the parents!

Lopez with a stick

Henry helping with landscaping

Ella chasing water

Chachi on a jet ski

Finn's first birthday. He was sired by my Jeremy.

Pablo eating Special K

As seen in Poodles magazine. Visit my bookstore for this exciting story.
Noodle the ParrisHill Poodle on Animal Planet.

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Olive in the flowers
Olive loves spring
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My name is Marion Banta, and I'm delighted that you have chosen to learn more about standard poodles, or continue your journey with this wonderful breed. I have bred and shown standards for over thirty years, and I know that you will be thrilled with our newest puppies.

Rudy in his tennis whites, ready for a match at the club!

If you're new to standard poodles, you may use this site to help introduce you to the care and love of one of the world's truly great breeds. If you are a veteran owner, or if you show poodles or breed them, you'll find specific information designed for the professional.
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